Crystals are a currency used to buy in-game items like card packs and arena tickets.

They are available on the Shop screen and Home screen. To buy crystals on the Home screen, tap the button next to the number of crystals you have.
Rupies are a currency used to buy in-game items like card packs and arena tickets.

They are available as in-game rewards.
The crate is where you can claim rewards (Certain rewards are added directly to your inventory). Rewards disappear if they're not claimed before the expiration date.
Claim Log
The claim log displays a record of up to 500 rewards that you've claimed in the past week.
The Info screen contains information about updates to Shadowverse, current events, and past technical issues.
Missions are specific tasks that you can complete to get rewards. There are three types of missions: regular missions, achievements, and score missions.

(Most types of rewards are sent to your crate, but a few are added directly to your inventory.)
The Friends screen allows you to manage your friends and see details about them.
You can also check the number of pending friend requests from other users here.
Daily Bonus
Go to the Home screen from the title screen each day to receive this bonus. The daily bonus resets every day at 1:00 p.m. (PT).
Main Story
This is the main tale of Shadowverse, which stars leaders from all classes. It's made up of story matches and cut scenes.
Practice Matches
Select a difficulty and battle against leaders of each class.
To play a practice match, go to the Solo screen and tap Practice.
Private Matches (Take Two)
Take Two Match
In Take Two private matches, you create a Take Two deck and play a match.

Deck Swap Match
In Deck Swap matches, you create a Take Two deck and swap it with the deck your opponent has created.
Private Matches (Regular)
Single Match
In this mode, you select one deck and play a match.

Best of Three
In this mode, you select two decks and play a series of matches. The player who reaches two victories first wins. Winning decks cannot be used in the next match.

You cannot select the same deck class more than once.
Default decks cannot be selected.

Best of Five
In this mode, you select three decks and play a series of matches. The player who reaches three victories first wins. Winning decks cannot be used in the next match.

You cannot select the same deck class more than once.
Default decks cannot be selected.
Your score is a number that determines your rank. It changes when you win or lose ranked matches.
Master Score
Once you reach master rank, a master score will be displayed to you.

This master score shows how well you're performing in ranked matches compared to other players.

(Master scores return to zero at the end of a set time period.)
Ranks are based on players' score. To see the score required for each rank, tap More on the main menu, tap Profile, and then tap Ranks.
Unranked Matches
In unranked matches, you battle against randomly selected players. The results of unranked matches don't affect your score.
Ranked Matches
In ranked matches, you battle other randomly selected players. Players rank B3 and below get extra score for a streak of wins. Players rank A0 and above do not get extra score for a streak of wins.
Private Matches
In private matches, you can play against a specific player. These matches include regular matches, for which you select your deck, and Take Two matches, for which special Take Two rules are used.

When you tap Create a Private Match followed by either Regular or Take Two, a match ID will be displayed. Share that match ID with the person you want to play with, and then ask them to tap Join a Private Match. If you received a match ID from a friend, tap Join a Private Match and enter the ID.

You and the other player will then be able to battle each other. Neither of your scores will be affected by the results of a private match.

You can also watch other players' private match in the spectator mode if your friend is the host of the match. This can be done by selecting Watch a Private Match and entering the match ID.

Spectator mode cannot be used for Take Two matches or if the host has disabled the function.
Some private matches (Best of Three, Best of Five, and Deck Swap matches) cannot be spectated.
Emotes are simple messages that you can send to the opponent. Up to three can be sent per turn.

To send emotes, touch and hold your leader, and then slide onto the emote you want to use.

Release to send the emote. Slide somewhere else on the screen to cancel.
Battle Log
The battle log shows what cards have been used in battle.

To see the battle log, tap the button that appears on the far left of the screen during battle. To close the battle log, tap X.
Select Deck
Before you fight a battle, you can choose whether to use a default deck or a custom deck.
Simple Background
When you select simple background, fewer visual effects are shown to you in battle. Your simple background settings don't affect the opponent.
Your reduced animation settings don't affect the opponent.
Resuming Matches
You can now return to suspended ranked, unranked, Take Two and private single matches up to twice per match. You may not be able to resume a match after a certain period of time. If you do not resume a battle, it will result in a loss. Finally, you can only resume a match from the same device.
Take Two
In Take Two, two pairs of cards are displayed to you. Put one in your deck, discard the other, and repeat. Once your deck is full, you will battle five other Take Two challengers. The more you win, the better your reward. You can use Arena Tickets, rupies, or crystals to play Take Two.

Deck Codes
Create a deck code from a Take Two deck and enter it on the Shadowverse Portal website to view your deck. You can not create a new Take Two deck code or edit Take Two decks on Shadowverse Portal.
Sharing Decks (For Smartphones)
You can now share your decks with other players on social networking services.

Select a deck and tap the Preview button. Tap Share in the upper right of the screen to share your deck information with other players.

You must have accounts for the social networking services you wish to use in addition to having them installed on your device.

The computer versions of Shadowverse do not currently support the deck sharing feature. To share your decks, tap Shadowverse Portal from the More menu on the lower right of the screen.
Seer's Globes
Seer's Globes are needed to create animated cards.
Basic Cards
Basic cards include the cards that each class starts with, and the cards that are available in the story. They cannot be liquefied or created with vials.
Animated Cards
Animated cards feature moving illustrations. These cards are available in card packs and elsewhere, and can also be created using Seer's Globes.
Animated cards will not be liquefied when using the liquefy extras feature.
Edit Deck
On the Edit Deck screen, you can customize the decks that you use in battle. There are three ways to build decks:

• New
Select a class character and build a deck from scratch.

• Copy
Copy an existing deck and then edit it as you choose.

• Deck Code
Enter a deck code from the Shadowverse Portal website or another player's device. The deck will be automatically built on your device.

To create a deck code of your own, go to the Decks screen and tap a deck. Then tap Create Deck Code. If you don't have the cards needed to complete a deck, you can use vials to create all the missing cards at once.

Up to 36 customized decks can be saved. You can also tap Cards to edit a deck.
Saving Decks
Your custom decks can be saved for later. Decks with fewer or more than 40 cards can be saved, but they can't be used in battle.
Automatic Deck Creation
Automatically create a deck of 40 cards from your collection.
Cost Curve
The cost curve is a bar graph that shows how much the cards in your deck cost. It can be viewed on the Edit Deck screen.
Deck Names
Decks start out with the name of the class you're using, and then can be renamed later.
Card sleeves change the design shown on the back of your cards on the Decks screen, and in battle.

To change the sleeve for a specific deck, select the deck on the Decks screen and tap Change under the Sleeve header.
Cards Screen
Cards can be viewed, created, and liquefied on the Cards screen.

On the Cards screen, it's possible to create cards that you don't have yet, and add these to decks. It's also possible to liquefy unneeded cards into vials.
Vials are added to your inventory when you liquefy cards, and used when you create cards.
Creating Cards
Vials can be used to create cards on the Card screen. The number of vials required depends on the rarity of the card you want to create.
It's not possible to create a fourth copy of a card, or create basic cards.
You need Seer's Globes to create animated cards.
Create Cards Panel
Use the Create Cards panel to create or liquefy cards without leaving the Deck screen.
You need Seer's Globes to create animated cards.
Liquefying Cards
Cards can be liquefied into vials on the Card screen. The number of vials you get varies depending on the rarity of the card. Basic cards can't be liquefied.
Liquefying Extras
When you liquefy extra cards, three copies of each card will be kept and additional copies will be liquefied.
Animated cards and starred cards will not be liquefied.
View Decks
To view your decks, go to the Decks screen and tap View Decks. It's not possible to edit a deck while viewing it.

Tap the X button on the upper right corner of the screen to exit.
Starred Cards
Starred cards are protected from being mistakenly liquefied.

Press the star icon on the card details screen to star cards. Unstar cards by pressing the star icon once again.
Card Details
Selecting a card from the Cards screen will bring up a Details window. In addition to viewing card artwork and card abilities, you can also do the following:

1. Star your favorite cards.
2. Play voiced lines.
3. Confirm flavor text and card set name.
4. View the card artwork for evolved cards.
5. Create and liquefy cards.
6. Create animated cards using Seer's Globes.
Buying Card Packs
Card packs can be bought with rupies, tickets, or crystals. Each pack contains eight random cards.

One pack can be purchased for 50 crystals per day starting from 1 p.m. (PT).
Card sleeves and leaders can be bought with rupies or crystals.
Buying Crystals
Crystals are a currency used to buy in-game items like card packs and arena tickets.

The number of crystals that you can buy every month depends on your age. Please enter your birth year and month when you first buy crystals.

Monthly Purchase Limit
- Ages 15 and under: 2,500
- Ages 16-19: 5,000
- Ages 20 and over: Unlimited

Minors must have the permission of a parent or guardian to buy crystals. Purchase limits change at 4 p.m. (PST) / 5 p.m. (PDT) on the last day of the month that the player has turned 16 or 20 years old.

Crystals are available on the Shop screen and Home screen. To buy crystals on the Home screen, tap the button next to the number of crystals you have.
Buying Prebuilt Decks
From this screen you can spend crystals to buy 30-card Prebuilt decks.
After purchasing, you are given the option to automatically create a full deck, using these cards and existing cards from your collection.
Also a 6-digit deck code is included with each purchase which can be input to create a deck in the same way.
A limited edition, animated legendary card is included in each Prebuilt deck. The illustration and animation for this version is unique however the abilties are the same as the normal version. Purchasing Prebuilt decks is one way to acquire these cards.
*Limited edition animated cards cannot be created or liquefied.
Device Link
You can use Device Link to connect your Shadowverse game data between multiple devices, such as smartphone and computer. To link a device, you need a password and your user ID.

To link your devices, go to the Home screen, tap More, and then tap Device Link.

• Crystals are linked to your game data, not to your device(s).
• Crystals purchased on the PC version will not be deleted when linking to another device but cannot be used on other devices or platforms.
• Using Device Link will overwrite existing game data on your new device.
• You can link your Shadowverse game data to one computer account only. Once you have linked your smartphone Shadowverse game data to a computer account, you cannot link it with a computer account on another platform. You also cannot unlink your data from the computer account.
On the Profile screen, you can change your username, flair, emblem, flag, and the leader for a given class. You can also view your rank, user ID, and class-specific information.
User ID
Your user ID is the number that identifies you in Shadowverse. Please include it when you contact the Shadowverse Team.
The Ranking screen shows various types of rankings.
The Settings screen allows you to turn on and off music, sound and visual effects, including voices.
To change settings, tap More on the main menu, and then tap Settings. During a match, tap Battle Menu instead.
Frame Rate (PC)
Select between two frame rates, 30 FPS and 60 FPS.
Custom Mouse Controls During Battle (PC)
Click to play a card instead of dragging and dropping. You can also display card information by placing the cursor over a card.
*For more details see "Types of Custom Mouse Controls (PC)"
Types of Custom Mouse Controls(PC)
By changing the settings, you can use right click, double click or middle click to:

- Keep or change your cards during the redraw screen at the start of a match
- Play a card in your hand
- Evolve a card on the board

*By clicking a card when the sticky cursor setting is on, the card will follow the mouse until you click again. This suits those who opt for a more careful playstyle.

By changing the settings, you can also display card information by using right click or middle click, holding down left click or by scrolling over the card.
Adjust Card Details Window Size (PC)
Select the size of the card details window displayed during battles.
You can change the size fo the window to between 50% and 100%.
Help contains detailed information about game features.
Game Guide
The Shadowverse game guide can be viewed on the official website. It contains an overview of how to play the game.
Item History
Item history displays a record of up to 100 items that you've earned or purchased this week. Check the claim log for a record of items that you've claimed.
On the Achievements screen, a third-party service is used to display what you've accomplished in the game.

A Game Center account (iOS) or Google Play Games account (Android) is required to display achievements.
Account Link
Your Shadowverse account can be linked to an external gaming or SNS service.
This makes it possible to back up your game, recover previously linked data, as well as use the same data on other devices.

- You cannot have multiple sets of game data on one device.
- Crystals are linked to your game data, not to your device(s).
- When you link to a service with existing data, the game data currently on your device will be overwritten.
- Account data linked with Facebook, can only be used with the same language version of the Shadowverse application.
The Shadowverse contact form can be viewed on the web. Please use it to share opinions, requests, and information about technical issues that occur.

• Contact
Tap the Contact button to ask the Shadowverse Team questions about the game or existing issues. You will be directed to a web page where you can make an inquiry. Please be aware that depending on the nature of your inquiry, it may take some time to receive a response. We also reserve the right to not respond.

• Comment/Report
Opinions, requests, and misconduct reports can be made here. While all submissions are read, the Shadowverse Team does not respond to Comment/Report inquiries.
The terms of service, privacy policy, and copyright notices can be read here.
Everyplay is a service that allows players to share their Shadowverse videos with other players. You can pause or stop recording and change settings on the Record Controls menu. Each video can be up to 25 minutes.

On iOS devices, the camera and microphone can be used during recording and when editing recordings from the Post Video screen. Video from your device's camera doesn't appear on-screen during recording.

On Android devices, the camera and microphone can only be used when editing recordings.

You can create links to share your videos by email, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Your user ID is displayed as asterisks when video recording is enabled. However, it can be copied and pasted as normal.

If FaceCam is enabled, app sounds will come from the speaker even while in silent mode.
To see the score required for each rank, go to the Profile screen and then tap Ranks.
Your emblem will be displayed on the Home screen, on the Battle screen, and on the Rankings screen. To change it, go to the Profile screen and tap Name.
Flair is displayed on the Battle screen and Rankings screen. To change it, go to the Profile screen and tap Flair.
This is the name you go by in Shadowverse. To change it, go to the Profile screen and tap Name.
To display a flag, go to the Profile screen and tap
It's possible to display a flag on the Battle screen and on the Rankings screen.
To display a flag, go to the Profile screen and tap Flag.
When you change a class's leader, its appearance changes on the Deck screen, on the Profile screen, and in battle. Gameplay isn't affected in any other way.

To change leaders, go to the Profile screen, select a class, and then tap Change.
You can replay up to 10 of your most recent matches including unranked, ranked, private, and Take Two matches.
Replay data may be reset during maintenance.
Language Settings
You can change the language setting for Shadowverse. Doing so will automatically download new resources.
Followers are a type of card that have attack and defense. They are able to attack enemies after the turn they're played.
Spells are a type of card. Their effects occur directly after being played. After spells take effect, they become shadows.
Amulets are a type of card. They take up one slot in your area, and each one has a different effect. They can't attack or be attacked.
A card's trait is a special classification like Officer or Commander. Only some cards have traits.
A leader is the character that you choose at the beginning of each match. If your leader's defense drops below one, you lose the match.
Classes are the sets of leaders and cards that can be played together. Some cards are neutral and can be played with any leader.
Play Point
These are the points needed to play cards. At the start of your turn, you gain an additional play point orb, and all empty orbs are refilled.
Evolution Point
These are the points needed to evolve followers. The first player receives two per battle and the second player receives three.
This number shows how many play points are required to play a card. It's shown in the upper left corner of a card. The cost can't go below 0.
Attack is the amount of damage that a follower deals when attacking or defending. A follower's attack is displayed in the lower left corner of a card.
Defense is the amount of damage that will destroy a follower, or that will defeat a leader. A follower's defense is displayed in the lower right corner of a card.
To restore means undoing the damage that other cards have dealt to a leader or follower. Defense can't be restored to a number higher than its maximum.
To play a card means using the card when it's in your hand. It doesn't refer to bringing a card into play from your deck.
To attack means to deal damage. Followers also deal damage when they defend. Each follower can attack once per turn.
Followers get stronger when you evolve them. The first player can evolve followers from the 5th turn. The second player can evolve followers from the 4th turn.
A turn is the amount of time in which a player can act. Once one player's turn ends, the other player's turn begins.
The deck is the pile of 40 cards that you start off the match with. If you try to draw a card from the deck when there are no cards left, you lose the match.
To redraw means replacing cards that you don't want at the beginning of a match. Those cards are shuffled back into your deck.
Your area is where cards in play are displayed. Up to five cards can fit in your area.
Your hand is where the cards that you draw are displayed. You can hold up to eight cards at once.
Any extra cards that you draw will be shown to you and then become shadows.
Once a follower or amulet is destroyed, or a spell is played, it becomes a shadow. It's not possible to see what cards correspond to which shadows.
When a follower or amulet is destroyed, it is removed from play and converted into a shadow. Followers are destroyed if their defense drops below 1.
Banishing removes followers or amulets from the area, but the card does not become a shadow.
This refers to replacing one card with another one. A card transformed into a follower can't attack on the turn it is transformed unless it has Storm or Rush.
Fanfare effects activate when you play the card from your hand using play points.
Last Words
Last Words effects activate when the card is destroyed.
Evolve effects activate when the follower evolves.
If you have a follower with Ward in play, the opponent can't attack any other allies until that follower has been destroyed or banished.
Followers that have Storm can attack on the same turn they're played.
Followers that have Ambush can't be targeted by enemy followers, spells, or effects. They lose Ambush if they attack or deal damage.
Followers that have Bane automatically destroy any other followers they attack. Followers that attack them are automatically destroyed. Even when a follower with Bane has 0 attack or the damage dealt is reduced to 0 by an enemy ability, the Bane ability will still activate.
When followers with Drain attack, each point of damage they deal restores your leader's defense by 1. Drain doesn't take effect when defending.
+/+ effects show how much attack and defense a follower gains. A +1/+2 effect would let a follower gain 1 extra attack and 2 extra defense.
The Countdown amulets count down one at the beginning of your turn. When the Countdown reaches zero the amulet is destroyed.
When you play a spell, the Spellboost abilities of cards in your hand activate. (This can reduce their cost or increase the damage they deal.)
Earth Rite
If you have an Earth Sigil in play, Earth Rite effects of a card activates. This can happen when they're played, evolved using an evolution point, or under other specified conditions. When the effect is activated, the Earth Sigil is automatically destroyed.
Overflow effects activate when you have at least 7 play point orbs. It's mostly Dragoncraft cards that have Overflow.
If you have enough shadows, they're automatically spent to activate the Necromancy effects of a card. This can happen when they're played, evolved using an evolution point, or under other specified conditions.
Vengeance abilities take effect when your leader's defense is 10 or lower. It's mostly Bloodcraft cards that have Vengeance.
Followers that have Rush can attack enemy followers on the same turn they're played. On the next turn, they are also able to attack the leader.
Follower's Clash abilities activate before damage is dealt,
whenever attacking or defending against an enemy follower.
It does not activate when attacking leaders.
If you have enough play points,
they're automatically spent to activate the Enhance effects of a card when you play the card from your hand.
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